Bohemian Handmade Statement Tassel Earrings for Women Campaign

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Bohemian Handmade Statement Tassel Earrings for Women

Campaign ID: C121447
Categories: Jewelry
Shipping Method: Coupon Code (non-Amazon websites)
Retail Price: $19.99 $5.99

Product Details
  • Elegant and bling choices for your lover, suitable for women of all ages. Let you have different beauty every day.
    Perfect birthday cocktail party, valentine's day wedding anniversary gift, girlfriend or yourself.
    Keep bright for a long time, novel, high quality hand-made, not easy to fade.
    Your feedback is the driving force for our improvement. We look forward to your five-star feedback.
    Suitable for everyday wear and matching, it is also the best choice for other jewelry accessories, showing your personality and style on various occasions.

    N.B.: This offer doesn't cover shipping cost.

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