Breathe Easy Essential Oil Blend Roll-On Aromatherapy for Respiratory and Nasal Congestion from Halsa Essentials Campaign

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Breathe Easy Essential Oil Blend Roll-On Aromatherapy for Respiratory and Nasal Congestion from Halsa Essentials.

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DESCRIPTION Breathe Easy is very soothing for colds and allergies. Its aromatic ingredients relieve both chest and nasal congestion. Breathe easy is best rubbed on the chest and lightly to the outside of the nostrils. Can also be applied to pulse points including the temples, behind the ears or the inside of your wrists.

INGREDIENTS Eucalyptus essential oil is distilled from the leaves of the eucalyptus tree. It is a wonderful natural decongestant found in many cold relief products. It soothes pain and inflammation in nasal and respiratory passages. Peppermint essential oil is widely used in aromatherapy. It works well with eucalyptus to break up nasal and chest congestion and soothes inflamed airways. Clary Sage essential oil is extracted from the clary sage herb (Salvia sclarea). It is often used for anxiety and stimulating mental clarity. It also helps relax bronchial tubes. Lavender is known for its calming and relaxing qualities. It has long been used to counter stress, anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia as well as general pain relief. Some aromatherapy sources claim that lavender is also helpful for digestion and respiratory disorders. Cedarwood essential oil has a woodsy, comforting aroma. It is anti-inflammatory and counters spasms in the bronchial tubes. It is also an expectorant helping to relieve coughs and expel phlegm. Rosemary essential oil is another widely used oil. It has many properties and uses including indigestion, stress relief, mental focus, pain relief and help with respiratory problems. Juniper essential oil is distilled from the needles, twigs, berries and bark of the juniper tree. It has a calming, cleansing aroma. It is good for relieving mental fatigue and helps with circulation and removing toxins from the body.

AROMATIC CHARACTER Woodsy and minty.

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