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CANDYLOVE Detangler Hair Brush with Mirror for Kids, Ladies. Prevent Tangling, Knots with Portable Smoothing Straightener. Unique Bristles for Frizzy, Tease & Wet. Creative Healthy Hair. [M, Bl...

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Categories: Hair Products
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Product Details
Color:Volume Medium Black Our CANDYLOVE Rainbow Hair Brushes are specially designed and patented (S-Curl bristles) to provide you the best hair days, everyday of the week. Our brushes are great for providing your hair the natural abundant volume, as well as detangling all the hardest to tame hair. Whether your hair style is straight or wavy, our brushes will work with any hair style to leave your hair with a soft silky feeling. Our brushes have a soft grip with velvet coating to make it easy to use with one hand. Make your tangled hair more smooth and shiny by reducing the friction with hair. CANDYLOVE brushes are individually enhanced and made by hand to provide you with the best premium quality. It also features an "Air-Hole", which helps create natural volume in the hair while brushing. Another cool feature is the mirror in the back so that you can easily check your hair style or even use it while putting on your make-up. Buy one today and stand out in the crowd with the rainbow colored S-Curl bristles.

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