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Car Baby Bottle Warmer Bag

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Warm Food for your Baby Anytime, Anywhere

For someone who travels a lot with your baby, you can now feed your baby with warm food and milk anywhere you go with the Car Baby Bottle Warmer Bag. Just plug it in your car's DC 12V and it will preserve the hotness of your baby's food or milk. This is also excellent for coffee, tea and can be used as a hand warmer during winter.
Traveling with your baby will always be a good bonding experience. Buy this today!

Features & Description
High efficiency: Car bottle heater using CHB carbon fiber heating material, fast heating, high efficiency, long service lifePlug and play: Insert the car cigarette lighter to use, easy to operate, car milk bag warmer can start by simply plug and play multi-purpose: The warmer is made of elastic heat-insulating material and it is evenly insulated. It is suitable for the heat preservation of various shapes of bottles and cupsSafe to use: Inside and outside material adopts fireproof cloth, automatic overheat protection function, high-security milk bottle warmerCompact & easy to carry: Milk bottle heater with hooks can be hung on backpack straps or cart armrests for easy carrying.

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