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Car Diffuser

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Product Details
·PREMIUM MATERIAL: This car diffuser is made from environmental plaster and diatom mud, it will help refresh the air effectly.

·ENVIRONMENTAL OPERATION: Comparing with traditional diffusers, this product absorb the oil/perfume directly and volatilize the fragrance simply by air. No heating the oil during the process! Don't need any power source.

·AWESOME DESIGN: Cute little French Bulldog with black glasses. This will definitely make your car much cooler!

·EASY USE: Apply a few drops of essential oil or perfume you love on the back of the vent clip. As the product is made from plaster and diatom mud, it will easily absorb the oil. When the air conditioner is working, the fragrance will be released into the air and bring you a little nice and healthy environment along the journey.

·WIDE APPLICATION: The product is suitable for air-conditioner vents of vehicle, house closet, washroom, meeting room, etc.

DRAWIGER-Car Diffuser(French Bulldog)

Cool little French bulldog designed, an awesome gift to your beloved car!
What's more, you can put it in your bedroom, closet or washroom. They are not only for decoration, but also great to refreshen the air with essential oil or perfume.

Product Details:

✔Eco-friendly Material
✔Awesome Design
✔Easy Use
✔Multi Application
✔Ideal Gift

What Is In the Box?
1*Car Diffuser Clip
1*Refill Bottle(Oil is NOT included)
1*Gift Box

Maintenance Tips:
Stay away from fire.
Children are not allowed to play with this product.
Clean dirt with soft cloth.

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