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Car Rear View Mirror Camera

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  • DOMINATE THE ROAD TRIP! Opt for ultimate driving safety and gain full control of your car on the road with PARTIM Dual Dash Cam! With the widest DASHBOARD LENS of full 170 degrees, this anti-glare mirror backup car camera recorder will allow you to lock a video of up to 20sec, automatically saved to provide evidence in case of an accident. Drive in peace of mind that you never miss even a minor detail while driving and enjoy the safest trip with a premium dashcam!
    OPTIMAL VISIBILITY IN DRIVING: With an optimal FRONT visibility of Full HD 1080p and ultimate REAR HD 720p, this HD dash cam pro will be automatically turned ON the second you turn on the engine of your car and will be shut OFF within 5sec if your stop the vehicle, to take crisp, crystal clear pictures and seamless video recordings IN LOOP during your road trip, making the most reliable car dash cam, your travel buddy with guaranteed longevity.
    PARKING MADE A BREEZE: Reap the benefits of Car Park Assistance every time you park in reverse, thanks to this dual dash cam! With a rear view 4.3” DVR automatically turned ON, it will save you time and energy when parking in limited space, boosting your parking confidence and saving your car from accidental dents in narrow areas.
    NEVER MISS A THING AT NIGHT! Drive in optimal safety at night and make sure you have full control of the road even in the dark or on a foggy day with an advanced visibility vehicle camera. The best dash cam for cars on the market due to its automatic recording feature and the max picture resolution provided by the 170- degree dashboard lens, it makes a MUST-HAVE for frequent car travellers, as well as professional drivers 24/7.
    VIDEO INSTALLATION EASIER THAN EVER: PARTIM All-Inclusive Package of a Rear View camera HD 720p, Dash Board Camera Car Recorder Full HD 1080p 5V charger and USB (computer) cable connector also includes a comprehensive Video Install Tutorial link, sent directly to you upon your purchase, to make installation of video operation an effortless, one-minute task, saving you precious time and energy.
Are you addicted to the excitement of night car explorations and looking for a high-end parking assist or a premium night-vision car camera recorder to take your driving experience to a whole new level?
Say Hello To PARTIM Dual Dash Cam To Make Driving The Safest & Most Enjoyable Part Of Your Day!
Made by frequent travellers exclusively for the needs of professional drivers and passionate globetrotters, PARTIM Dash Cam Pro is coming to enhance driving satisfaction, increasing convenience and safeguarding you and your vehicle against unfortunate events on the road.
Providing a FRONT visibility of Full HD 1080p and ultimate REAR HD 720p, this HD dashcam will offer full control of your car at all times, to avoid accidents and keep crisp pictures and crystal clear seamless video recordings of your vehicle environment, as valuable memories of your trip or as trustworthy evidence in case of an accident.
Reliable Recording
The IMPACT SENSOR will save a 20sec video in case of a collision, preserving the precious data as a locked image that will not be overwritten by new recordings, making a godsend in case of an accident! An Excellent Gift
The 4.3” LCD screen, the 170 degree angle lense (front) and 140 degree (rear), the storage capacity of 32GB and the li-polymer built-in battery make this high-end dash cam camera a must-have for every driver, an excellent gift to yourself or a dear friend!

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