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Car Seat Covers, Unique Flat Cloth Fabric Seat Covers Breathable Full Set Front Back Cover with 5 Detachable Headrests - Fit Most Car, Truck, Suv, or Van

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Big Ant Car Seat Covers protects your vehicle seats and gives you a dose of cool style! ★High Quality Material★ Innovative design heat embossed mesh cloth and polyester fabric with 3mm foam padding, Big Ant car seat covers is very soft, durable and breathable. Decorate your car with our seat covers and enjoy the fresh air in the car. ★Protection & Decoration★ Refresh your aged seats or protect your seats against spills, stains, fading, tearing, dirt, crumbs and pet hairs. Protect your vehicle's Resale Value, Seat covers are great for protecting seats in your new car. ★Airbag compatible★ No worry about the airbag, bucket Leather seat covers still plays a good role with special stitching technique of this cover How to install the front and back seat cover? So Easy Front 1. Remove the headrest. Align top zipper with headrest holes and slide evenly over the shoulders of the seat. 2. Align the cover with backrest seams, with seat cover flap pulled tightly through back of seat crevice. 3. Place bottom of seat cover over bottom of seat. Slowly pull each side of seat cover over bottom of seat until completely covered. 4. Fasten the elastic clips under the seat with supplied "S" hooks. 5. Slide the cover over the headrest and reattach to the seat. Back 1. Place bottom of rear seat cover, pull skirt completely cover. 2. Remove headrest, place backrest cover over top of seat. 3. Connect hooks with elastic straps, fix through holes on each side of flap. 4. Available to adjust with 3 zippers. 5. Place headrest cover, insert in. Helpful Tip: To make seat cover an even more fitted appearance, please tuck bottom panel into seat trim and smooth to fit.

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