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Chef Knife High Stainless Steel W/ Sharpener ,Sharp Cutlery Kitchen Tools. Chopping & Dicing 8 Inch

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  • MAKE CHOPPING & CUTTING EASIER - PRECISION STAINLESS-STEEL BLADE. Won’t corrode & remains sharper, longer than other blades. Perfect for the pro in the restaurant kitchen, the hobbyist chef or the backpacker. Our knife is perfect for slicing both meat & vegetables. Package includes sharpener for keeping the blade in tip top condition. Compare MyLuxury steel blade to Japanese steel or knives from Germany & you’ll be amazed at how well this knife allows you to cut, slice & chop
    WORK LONGER WITHOUT HURTING YOUR HANDS – ERGONOMIC PAKKAWOOD HANDLE. Cutting is easier and more comfortable, you can work without getting hand cramps or finger numbness. MyLuxury handle’s design uses a breakthrough technology that extends the life of the blade. Cut things like red meat, chicken, and fish without having to worry about replacing the knife in a few months, as you would with knives of lesser quality. Compared to full tang knives, the knife is perfectly balanced for comfort
    WON'T RUST OR TARNISH EVEN AFTER REPEATED WASHINGS AND USE. MyLuxury premier professional blade is made of stainless steel, which not only makes it shine, but ensures it won’t rust. Durability and a sharp edge and helps the blade maintain its shape. Comes with a quality sharpener so it’s always ready for cooking when you are.
    DO MORE WORK WITH ONE KNIFE – MULTIFUNCTIONAL. The MyLuxury 8-inch kitchen knife does the work of multiple knives. It’s perfect for slicing and dicing a vegetable and fruit, or cutting thick sets of meat off bones or preparing sushi and sashimi. This knife is perfect for the culinary professional and the home user. Our knife is guaranteed to be one of the most versatile tools in your kitchen. In addition, our blade and handle provide the ideal weight so the blade does most of the cutting for you
    NO MORE DULL BLADES - SHARPENER INCLUDED. You won’t have to purchase a sharpener to keep this blade’s edge true & sharp because MyLuxury included one in the package. Maintaining a sharp knife is important both for the blade and for the health of your hands. A sharp blade cuts easier, requiring less force, meaning less fatigue when working long hours in the kitchen. Forcing a dull knife to cut can mean slipping & injuring yourself. Work better, quicker and safer with a good, sharp knife

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