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Christmas Laser Lights 2 Color Motion Star Projector with Remote Auto On/Off Timer by Ominilight for Holiday,Party,Wedding,Holloween

Campaign ID: C126959
Categories: Home & Garden , Holidays
Shipping Method: Amazon (FBA or FBM)
Retail Price: $79.99 $7.99

Product Details
- Great brightness: This laser light comes with great brightness as well as adjustable light and blink modes. It is the most convenient way to decor your garden and house.
- Wide projection area: It has coverage about 7600 sq ft from a distance up to 25 ft.
- Wireless remote control: Enjoy your favorite light with wireless remote to set light mode and choose combinations.
- Built-in timer: Our laser light automatically turns itself off after 6 hours and on after 18 hours, or can be set to automatically turn off after 2/4/6/8 hours. It helps save energy when you forget to turn it off.
- Powerful Waterproof: A waterproof level of IP65 enables you to use it indoor or outdoor without considering weather.

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