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Coconut Opener Set Tool Kit with PREMIUM Stainless Steel Mallet & Punch & Reusable Straws & Meat Removal Tool Knife Scoop for Young Thai Coconuts by PANDAZO - & Silicone Mat & C...

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Introducing New Coconut Opener Set by Pandazo ( 8 pieces included) The newest and safest and more complete kit you will ever need! Open your coconut like a professional. This complete set will be lifechanging, we have experienced this, and are drinking more than 3 coconuts daily! It literally only takes 20 seconds to crack one open to enjoy! Tap and jack into the best coco coconuts ever! The days of using a giant meat butcher cleaver are over. Just place this simple tool over a coconut on top of our silicone mat and whack away. Easy as 1-2-3-4 to get your delicious coconut water . No more broken mallets, this perfectly molded rubber and steel frame is good for a lifetime. Ever had a hard time scooping out stubborn coconut flesh with your spoon? Our half moon blade coconut meat scraper tool will remove the flesh in one quick spin. Try it today and indulge yourself in delicious and decadent coconut water risk free! The ultimate and final solution to all of your tropical party needs, pop open coconuts like experts in the island tropics and serve the fresh coconuts on demand ! Be the talk of the party today.  Includes: ALL MADE FROM DISHWASHER SAFE STAINLESS STEEL!  1x Foodgrade 304 Stainless Steel Coconut Corer Punch Tool with Rubber Grip Handle (Highest quality engraved Steel) 1x Stainless Steel Rubber Mallet with Ergonomic Grip (Solid one piece construction) 1x Coconut Meat Scoop / Scraper Tool with Bamboo Handle (Pulls out coconut flesh with one simple spin and scoop) 2x Stainless Steel Reusable Straws (High quality and good for the environment) 1x Straw Cleaning Brush 1x Red Silicon Shock Absorbing Mat (never damage your kitchen table or countertops ever again!, you can even use it as a pot holder for high temperatures) 1x Pandazo Cloth Carrying Bag 1x Recipe Book Filled with Over 30+ Delicious Coconut recipes!

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