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Cooling Towel for Sports, Fitness, Gym & Yoga,Tennis, Gym, Hiking & Running and Other Sports with Waterproof Plastic bottle

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Super Cooling Towel: Beat the heat and stay cool with the latest cooling technology Specifications: 1.Size: 100*30cm / 40*12inches 2.Lightweight fabric,100% cold feeling yarn ,45% Polyester£¨front£©£¬55% Nylon£¨Back£© 3.98% UV blockage rate, 50+ UV protection index 4.Chemical free,the special mesh fabric retains enough water that is required for the cooling effect. And it is breathable comfortable to skin 5.Activates with any water temperature, even your own body sweat 6.Perfect for any outside activities 7.Helps to prevent headaches and migraines 8.Reusable as many times as you want to,your cooling towel will remain the same. Package Contains: 1*Cooling Towel 1*Plastic bottle How to activate: Activating your cool towel is easy to and only takes a matter of seconds. Follow these 3 simple steps: 1.Wet your towel, any type of water can be used, no matter on the water temperature. 2.Wring out your towel to remove any excess water. This stops any water from transferring to your clothing. 3.Hold two corners of your towel and flick it about 6-8 times depending on the water temperature. The towel will ow be activated cold. For the best cooling results wear your cool towel around your neck. Washing instrucions: Wash on a cool setting or hand wash. Do not iron or tumble dry.

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