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Cute Essentials Potato Ricer and Masher - Stainless Steel with Long Silicon Handles – Easy Hand held Press - Excellent for Smooth Mashed Irish and Sweet Potatoes - Fruit Juicer and Baby Food...

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Have you used a potato masher or ricer before that hasn't delivered when you needed it the most - hosting a party or guests, and ended up with waxy or gluey mashed potatoes that wasn't so appealing? Whether you are a Pro Chef, cooking for guests or just your kids, we know how important it is to serve the perfect smooth and fluffy mashed potatoes. With Cute Essentials Potato Ricer you get a tool that is so convenient, easy to use and clean and gives the best results you would want from a kitchen utensil. Durable High quality Stainless steel material - It is essential that a kitchen gadget is durable and does not age with continuous use. You can scrape out mashed potatoes, bananas or carrots from the ricer, scrub and wash it without diminishing its quality. Optimal Design - The flexible potato press attached to the long handles make for an easy lift, fill and push without spills or the need for excessive force. Giving you a perfectly riced meal every time. Easy to hold and press - Cute essentials Potato Ricer is fun to use. The soft silicon handles make it comfortable and easy to hold and press down. Silicon Storage Knob - Use conveniently by placing the ricer on any bowl or pot using the silicon knob or hang it in style for storage. Dish washer safe - Wash by hand with any washing material or at 40 oC in a dishwasher without damaging the Ricer. It maintains its quality for years to come. You never want to mash or rice without the Cute Essentials Potato Ricer and Masher. It’s fun, convenient and easy to use. It gives you perfect results every time. 100% money back guarantee! Our Potato Ricer is backed up by our manufacturer 30 day money back guarantee with 1 year free replacement warranty.

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