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Deiss PRO Digital Meat Thermometer - Lightning Fast Precise Readings with Backlight Display, Memory Function and Calibration for Coffee, BBQ, Beef, Pork, Poultry, Fish - Instant Read Thermometer

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Product Details
Why should you prefer our superb instant digital meat thermometer?

Digital meat thermometer allows you to cook appetizing meals without having the fear of either under or overcooking them. It’s handy, durable, safe and incredibly effortless to use.

Several Notable Smart Features:

✔ A huge LCD backlight display that helps in taking clear temperature readings
✔ Automatic turn-off functionality that elongates battery life
✔ Waterproof body allows easy cleaning
✔ Handy button to switch between ºC and ºF temperature units
✔ Offers -/+1 degree tremendous precision
✔ Lightning fast measuring speed (2 to 3 seconds)
✔ Sturdy magnet to stick it to metallic bodies, such as refrigerator, oven etc.
✔ Hanging hole to hook it expediently
✔ Calibration
✔ Broad range to measure temperature (-50℃ to 300℃ or -58°F to 572°F)
✔ Memory feature that lets the users review previous minimum/maximum temperature readings
✔ Antibacterial and hygienic probe of 4.5 inches which’s 180 degrees foldable
✔ Instant read temperature measurements without contaminating food
✔ Lightweight and compact which allows comfortable single-hand use
✔ Equally ideal for indoor and outdoor cooking
✔ Easy to carry

Ideal Uses
Pastries, BBQ, Bread, Oven, Chicken, Smoker, Fish, Lamb, Beef, Pork, Steaks, Grill, Milk, Coffee, Tea, Bathing water (especially for babies)

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