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Dog Doorbells Premium Quality Potty Training Bells, Adjustable Nylon Belt Length and 7 Extra Loud 1.4 Doorbells, for Puppy Great Dog Training Easy Way and Housebreaking, Black

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Vrchne Dog Training Bells are the pefect solution to toilet train your lovely pet. ✔Great training device, Vrchne Dog doorbells provide you highly effective and fun way for potty training and house training. ✔Using the doorbells to create an easy communication way for your dog,have fun and make sure it gets what it wants without barking,scratching doors and damaging its nails.FEATURESSuper Durable Nylon Material -- Incredibly durable to lasts longer than other cheaply made ribbon alternatives.7 Extra Loudly Bells -- Tasteful design of silver coating of bells keep them shiny, Yet easy on your ears to attend to your pet's nature call wherever you are in the house.Two Snap Points -- Make it adjustable and easy to hang on any door at the height you choose.HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DOG? JUST FOLLOW 3 SIMPLE STEPSSTEP 1 : Hang the bells on the door you use to take your dog out.You can also hang them on a hook closer to the door.Ensure it is easwily reachable by your dog.STEP 2 : Whenever you take your dog out,allow the dog to move or interact with the bells.Demonstrate it few times to let your pet understand your intent.When he/she does so,ring the bells and state a command associated with going outside.Provide positive verbal feedback and take your dog out.STEP 3 : Repeat the process for three weeks or shorter,always giving the same command and praise.Then your dog will remember this way.Make sure you don't distract your dog by mixing mant of your needs by ringing the bell.If you are planning to take your dog to play outside,don't use the bells. SPECIFICATION: Product Dimensions: 2.5*85cm/1*33.5inch Bells Dimension: 1.4inch Color:BlackClick"Add to Cart"above to get the Vrchne Dog Doorbells and keep your pet happy&healthy!

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