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Dog LED Collar

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The LED Collar is a pet's life saver, especially at night when walking your dog and wondering if there is a wreckless, or drunk driver coming dow the block and does not see you because its too dark outside.  Just an accident waiting to happen.

The LED Collars are made of Nylong and  come in all sizes from XS to XL

Measurement List
XS = Width 2CM * Length (28 ~ 40) CM
S = Width 2.5CM * Length (34 ~ 42) CM
M = Width 2.5CM * Length (40 ~ 48) CM
L = Width 2.5CM * Length (45~ 52) CM
XL = Width 2.5CM * Length (52 ~ 60) CM

Comfortable and resistant high quality you can choose flashing light, slow or fast mode static light battery included.

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