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Dream Elements Anti Blue-Light Glasses

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Protect Your Eyes from Blue Light's Dark Side

The sun is a natural source of blue light. It helps to regulate your sleep cycle by signaling the brain that it's time to be awake & alert. However, blue light is also produced artificially by smartphones, TVs, computers, home lighting & LED's. Exposure to these in the evening can interfere with sleep, & potentially lead to serious health problems. Avoiding blue light isn't easy in the world of modern technology.

Thankfully - Dream Elements Anti Blue-Light Glasses can help protect your eyes from harmful blue light rays, & allow you to use your devices freely without having to worry about the consequences.

Dream Elements Anti Blue-Light Glasses offer a wide range of benefits. They help to:
• Regulate your sleep cycle & circadian rhythm
• Promote melatonin production & REM sleep
• Improve sleep quality & help you fall asleep faster
• Prevent eye strain - dry eye - & eye fatigue
• Reduce headaches & discomfort
• Sharpen focus for optimal screen viewing

They are excellent for...
- Computer workers
- Programmers
- Developers
- Gamers
- Designers
...& anyone who spends significant time in front of a screen.

These stylish blue blockers can be worn by both men & women - & can be used during the day &/or night. Scratch Resistant * Anti-Glare * UV400 Protection * Long-Wearing Comfort * Durable Construction * Lightweight * Amber Tinted Try Dream Elements Anti-Blue Light Glasses today & experience the difference for yourself!

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