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Dual USB Car Charger,12V - 24V, 20W Fast Charger with 2 USB Dual Ports at 2A,CP02 Cigarette Plug Charger and Air Freshener with Certified Negative Ion Air Purifier for Pet, Body, Pizza, Old food Od...

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Search "Nucharger CP02" in Youtube to find out the air purification test. 2 in 1 car charger with air purifier, standard cigarette plug works with 12V or 24V cigarette light sockets. Features and Safety *Cigeratte plug design applys to most standard size car cigarette lighter. *The negetive ion concentration generated by the purifier is proved and certified up to 1.3M/cm3. The highly concentrated plasmacluster ions penetrate throughout the car interior to break down bacteria and remove troublesome mold spores. *No matter you are a pizza deliver, uber driver, pet lover or need to charge multiple devices in your car, it makes the air clean so the driver and the passengers will have a more healthful and pleasant car ride. *Nucharger CP02 operates in conjunction with battery even when engine being turned off(for some car models). 2x2A dual-port USB charger lets you charge ipad, Samsung note, iphone etc fast. Specifications: Brand: Nunet Mode: Nucharger CP02 INPUT: 12V-24V OUTPUT: 5V/4A Anion1.3*10^6pcs/cm^3 Material: Stainless steel & plastic Dimensions: (9.2*3.4*3.4)cm Product weight: 53g Package includes: 1 x 2 USB-Port Air Purifier Car Charger Package

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