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Dual USB Port Wall Charger + Charging Cable for iPhone, iPad. 2 in 1 Charging Bundle. Dual USB Wall Charger for iPhone, Smartphone, Samsung, Tablet, iPad. 2 USB Wall Charger + 1 Cable for iPhone, i...

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Product Details

  • FAST & EFFICIENT - iPhone and iPad Compatible Charger, Dual USB Ports Fully Applicable Wall Charger Compatible for Smartphones, iPhone, Samsung, iPad, Tablet, etc.
    PERFECT 2 in 1 CHARGING BUNDLE - Heavy Duty, Unique Design, and portable, Transparent cover, incorporating Data lines, Dust-proof clean, Easy to Carry. Nice Fit for Traveling Couple.
    CABLE BOX HOLDER - Unique intelligent current adaptation computing system to match the best current digital device charging. Build in the case for holding USB cable. 2 USB wall charging is comfortable use for multiple devices includes smartphone and tablet. Keep cable inside the box - Preventing Cable lose. Avoid cable mass inside the bag.
    PREMIUM QUALITY - Fire-resistant material - Circuit Protection Over-current protection, over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, intelligent current limiting.
    Key Features
    Dual USB Wall Charger
    Crystal Clear Box for holding USB Cable
    Effective & Efficient Universal Compatible USB Charger
    Prevent Cable Lose
    USB Charger and Sync Cable Compatible with iPhone 6, 7, 8 ,10, iPhone Plus and iPad 3, 4, iPad air, iPad Pro, iPad Mini
    Charging Cable isn't compatible for iPhone 4s or Earlier Model. Certification: CCC
    Why should you consider this product?
    Achoro Bundle includes 2 USB ports wall charger and 1 USB Charging Cable for iOS Devices such as iPhone, iPad etc. 2 USB wall charging is comfortable use for multiple devices such as smartphone and tablet. In addition, this product build is the case for holding USB cable. This product is suitable for the gift, as well individuals and family use. Suitable for couple and individuals.

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