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ELEARD Crytal Dust Earrings Crystal Dangle Ball Ear Drop Statement Drop Earrings Red

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BRAND: ELEAR Brand is new but very exotic. Being in jewelry for about 7 years, the current trends must be the leading of our job. As a new brand, we know we need to do a lot to grow. And we also realize that all the future will not go long without your support. Therefore we pay a lot attention to after sales service. Besides, the quality is the core of an item, we also put our main attention to the product development and quality enhancement. We are humble to accept the suggestion from every consumer and we will take each advice in to consideration. Features: This pair Crystal dust ball earrings features tiny crystal stuck on the surface. Not as usual crystal in order, these crystal disco balls are in irregular postures showing unique design. It can also hold the formal dress such as party, wedding, evening dress. The bubbles are statement and elegant, and now it is on trend. Specofication: Brand:ELEARD(Elegant Ear Drop) Color: Clear, Fuchsia, Red, Turquoise. Length:3.5inches Weight:0.8oz/22g Material: eco alloy with paved crystal. Package: 1pair crystal ball dangle earrings with ribbon box.

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