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Emotional Intelligence EBook

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Ever wondered why people with high IQ quite often do not achieve the level of success that you would expect? Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the answer. This book is a guide that provides you with information on emotional intelligence (EI) and hands-on practical steps to improve your emotional intelligence so that you can live a better quality of life. The guide employs a beginners’ approach by starting off with what emotional intelligence is. This enables you to have an in-depth understanding on emotional intelligence. It further goes on to explore the difference between Emotional Quotient (EQ) and general Intelligence Quotient (IQ), which are simply standard measures of emotional intelligence and general intelligence, respectively. Benefits of emotional intelligence are immense and infinite. Nonetheless, this book has explored some of the most important benefits that you will derive should you work to improve your emotional intelligence. To enable you to have a better perspective on these benefits, the book provides real life scenarios in which emotional intelligence or lack of it plays a critical role. With these examples, you can easily relate emotional intelligence to your own everyday situations. The greatest challenge that faces many is how to test their emotional intelligence so that they can estimate the magnitude of improvement required. There are many tools that have emerged to help one measure his/her own EQ. Sadly, due to huge interest in emotional intelligence, some tools have been developed hastily to meet this insatiable demand. Consequently, some are not empirically proven. This guide has listed those tools which have been scientifically proven as appropriate measures of EQ. This will help you to more accurately measure your EQ level. Once you have determined your EQ level, it is naturally obvious that, regardless of outcome, you would desire to improve on it. The advantage of EQ is that it is elastic and dynamic. Thus, no matter your level of EQ, there is always room for improvement. In this regard, this guide has endeavored to provide you with most impactful techniques and tips that you can apply to boost your emotional intelligence. Having a great emotional intelligence and retaining the same level of EQ is a daily lifetime endeavor.

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