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Ergofoot Comfortable Cushioning Shoe Inserts The Original Foot Pain Relief Insole Especially Good for Diabetes or Arthritis Sensitive Feet [S]

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Size:US Women's (2-8) As a diabetes patient, you must understand the importance of cushioning in managing wounds and preventing new injuries from occurring. Your doctor may prescribe you the use of insoles so that your feet are thoroughly cushioned with even distribution of weight. It is likely that diabetes coupled with obesity may lead to the development of a flatfoot posture. In such cases, insoles use should be part of the treatment programme. The ERGOfoot Diabetes Insoles provides cushioning for premium foot comfort--it's "The Shape" That Feels Great. PU foam offers cushioning and shock absorption to soften your steps, while the top layer is constructed with Plastazote foam which does not only make your feet comfortable but also reducing friction, deflecting moisture inside the shoe and creating a healthy environment for your feet.Recommended for: Diabetic Feet, Flat feet, Arthritis, Blisters, Bunions, Plantar fasciitis, Arch Pain, Back Pain, Calluses, Charcot Foot, Heel Pain & Heel Spurs, Knee pain, Leg Pain, Metatarsalgia, Weak Ankles. They can be worn with normal or sports shoes.

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