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  • Only females    
  • Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Russian Federation    

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Eveline Smart Ovulation Test - 10 Urine Test Strips with Fertility Tracker App - Easy to Use, Digital and Accurate Ovulation Predictor with Precise and Clear Test Results for Stress-Free Conceiving

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Product Details
Eveline smart fertility system optimizes your chance of conceiving!

This is an innovative ovulation testing and tracking solution. It works easily with your smartphone to predict your prime ovulation dates.
The free app automatically stores your test results, enables you to share data with your partner, and even reminds you to take the test. We want to eliminate your worries on estimating when the perfect timing is. We analyze and accurately track it for you. Eveline simply does the job!

EASY - Easy to use with 3-steps quick result
SMART - Empowers you smartphone, designed with digital fertility tracking technology ACCURATE - Records accessible data with 99.99% accuracy

Package Inclusion: 1 Smartphone Attachment Clip 30 Midstream Tests Free app to download 

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