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Explore Medieval Times

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EXPLORE MEDIEVAL TIMES...Classical History For Kids!  
Curious about medieval times? From the fall of Rome to the rise of the Renaissance, this book covers a rich time in history. What kind of food was served at a royal Christmas feast? Why did the king of Scotland ban golf in 1457? Who created the first pretzels? What was the Code of Chivalry? With this activity book, your children can create a medieval event with their friends, and explore history through, crafts, coloring, and medieval recipes. They can study a timeline of important events and inventions, and learn about the Church, family time, and medieval holidays. Kids can get creative by designing stained glass window art, marbled paper and creating their own personal timeline or family heraldry shield. Everyone can cook up a batch of pocket pies or soft pretzels! How about trying to speak in Old English? Dig even deeper into history with our carefully selected list of books for further reading. With Explore Medieval Times, your whole family can enjoy shared reading and activity time together, strengthening relationships while creating a
lifelong love of exploration and learning. Also a companion book for each guest of our Storybook Gatherings Princess Party!

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