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Eyebrow Natural Makeup Waterproof

Campaign ID: C126746
Categories: Beauty , Fashion
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Product Details
Natural Makeup Eyebrow Pencil Pomade Gel Enhancer Professional Brow Tint Tattoo Paint Cream Wax Waterproof Eyebrow Brush Pen

Type: Eyebrow Enhancer
Model Number: C-J-32HMG
Ingredient: Eyebrow Cream
Benefit: Long-lasting,Natural,Easy to Wear
Formulation: Cream
Waterproof / Water-Resistant: Yes
Certification: GZZZ
Size: Full Size
Quantity: 1pcs
NET WT: 1pcs
Country/Region of Manufacture: China
Type:Eyebrow Gel
Product Name:Natural Eyebrow Lasting Perfect Gel Eyebrow
Color:5 colors
Model Name:1 # Shallow Coffee, 2 # Coffee, 3 # Deep Coffee, 4 # Gray, 5 # Red-brown
Function:Long Lasting,Waterproof,Sweat proof rub
Applicable skin :Any(Film-type formula, easily removable with warm water)
1, Long lasting eye makeup for perfectly groomed, waterproof and sweat proof rub!
2, Suitable for professional use or home use.
3, The new compact and easy to carry natural eyebrow series thrush gel,
make your eyebrow stud has a three-dimensional, let your eyebrows stud is clear, well-proportioned and beautiful.
4, To fly “exultant” in a short time you can help complete eyebrow trim,
and without an appointment, anytime, anywhere with the, with you so long eyebrow division.
1, Against the growth direction of the eyebrows scratch, smear from the eyebrow peak to the brow;
2, Finishing eyebrow, apply from the brow to Eyebrow end, the excess gel eyebrow comb open.
Reverse brush eyebrow cream strength to light, so as not to make the eyebrows look more disorderly.
Warm prompt
1. Please do not for purposes other than makeup.
2. Please do not put in direct sunlight or temperature is too high or too low.
3. Keep out of the reach of children.
4. Cosmetics use process, such as abnormal situation, please be suspended.
5.All pictures are taken in real items. Because of shoot, the display or other reasons,
the picture and material object may have slight difference , please subject to material object. 

Due to high demand, please allow 3-4 weeks delivery to the US and 3-6 weeks for worldwide delivery.


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