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EzGoo Climbing Chalk Bag with Carabiner Belt and Zippered Pocket for Climbing, Gymnastics, Weight Lifting&Bouldering

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100% warranty covers all manufacturer defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 18 month from the original date of purchase. EzGoo CHALK BALLS Whether you're about to power through your workout, perform your gymnastics routine or take on a challenging peak with your climbing gear, you need to chalk your hands to reduce your risk of slipping. The large chalk bag is ideal for your gymnastics training, rock climbing or any activity that requires you to keep your hand dry for a sure and steady grip. The chalk will not stain your clothing, skin, gear or equipment. Chalk Bag has a cord lock to keep the chalk balls secure. Fits comfortably around your waist for easy carrying. The bag also includes a handy front storage pocket for small items and is constructed out of heavy-duty material.

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