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Fairyland Beauty Sponge Blender Set

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For hard reach areas like the eyes,nose,mouth,used the tip of Makeup Sponge Blender precise smear,no fine lines,perfect as primary For large areas such as the face,forehead,cheeks,neck,used the bottom of Sponge Puff or Silicone Blender to smear Greatly saved your time and energy,so that you should not worry about go to work or social dinner late and beautiful makeup makes you the brightest star in the crowd Whether you like silicone or sponge blender,you'll find it all in Fairyland. Do you often change Makeup Blender because safety and hygiene? We provide 2 Silicone makeup blender + 3 Makeup sponge blender + Holder + Exquisite Packaging,The economy and valuable pack meets your needs,and as gift for friend,mother,lover... Are you constantly worry about your expensive cosmetics being wasted? Our silicone makeup blender can help you solve this problem easily.This new makeup blender will end up the phase wasting cosmetic. Do you think our makeup sponge blender is a fake product?Will not become larger when it absorbs water? Our products have been tested many times,if the makeup sponge is not get bigger as promised we offer you a full refund! Are you concern about the sponge blender is too rough?Will it fade? Our 3 x sponge blender are made of non latex material,very soft and durable,and will not fade or crumbs.After first wash and dry,it will be a little bigger and softer than original,applying make-up easier and faster How to Clean Makeup Sponge? Step 1:Add solid or liquid blender cleanser,baby shampoo,or other mild cleansers Step 2:Press gently,please NOTE not to scratch it with nails Step 3:Rinse with water Step 4:Put in the holder,Dry in the ventilated place,Don't expose them to the sun(Dry time will last about 5-6 hours and it depends on how much water it absorbed)

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