Fire Resistant Bag with Water Resistant Exterior - No Itchy Fiberglass Campaign

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Fire Resistant Bag with Water Resistant Exterior - No Itchy Fiberglass

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Product Details
NEVER HAVE TO DEAL WITH ITCHY FIBERGLASS AGAIN No More Itchiness FireSafe is one of the safest to use fire resistant bag in the market! Unlike most fireproof pouches made using plain fiberglass that quickly covers your hands in painful splinters, we've hidden our fiberglass fabric with aluminum foil on the outside and flannel on the inside; you never have to go through the hassle of wearing gloves every time you need to handle this fire retardant pouch. Keep your valuables safe without any of the itchiness! Unrivaled Protection Safeguard everything from cash to jewelry to your passport with the superior temperature resistance of up to 1000 degrees F. FireSafe comes with fire retardant materials on both the inside and outside, giving you double the protection and peace of mind. This fireproof bag doesn't just keep your valuables safe from heat, it also protects them from water damage too! Thanks to the aluminum outer foil layer, your cherished items will be nice and dry even when your home sprinkler system comes on. Here's why FireSafe is a cut above the rest: - Doesn't have any prickly splinters that cause irritation. - Features fire retardant materials on both the inside and outside. - Offers additional water protection through the outer foil layer. - Fitted with velcro closure made using fire dampening plastic. - Never requires you to use gloves during handling. - Competitively priced to give you the best bang for your buck. Count on FireSafe to protect your valuables from fire and water damage without any itchiness whatsoever.

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