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FirePak Smartphone Video Illuminator

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For over 37 years, SureFire is renowned for its American-made, high quality illumination tools, depended upon by more SWAT, military, and Special Operations forces than any other brand. It is a natural for SureFire to design and develop the same high quality, durable  illumination tools and make them available to consumers. 

SureFire's new FirePakTM is a revolutionary smartphone video illuminator + charger that enables the capture of breathtaking high-quality videos at night or in poorly lit spaces -something never before possible!

It features two high-performance LEDs whose light output - up to 1,500 lumens,  is shaped by two specially designed reflectors that create a widely disbursed light pattern that perfectly fits a 16:9 HD video frame, with an effective range of 50 feet.  

Four output levels are selectable remotely via a free Bluetooth app or manually with the integrated slide switch, so the right amount of light can be selected based on your environment.

The FirePak attaches easily to the integrated rails of SureFire's iPhone case. It pulls triple duty as a bright smart phone video light source, charger for your phone, and powerful handheld light. It will be indispensable for anyone with a smartphone. Own the night with the FirePak.

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