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fitness tracker

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Categories: Sporting Goods , Fitness , Gadgets
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Tracks your activity data all day long including steps,distance, calorie consumption ,active minutes,sedentary remind,vibration alarm,SNS notifications including SMS(Facebook,Twitter, Whatsapp,Linkedin,Instagram,Messenger.,etc)

Detects your sleep hours, while identifying both your deep and light sleep hours to make sleep more efficiently.; 

Helps track as many as 14 kinds of sports including walking, running, riding, hiking, mountaineering, cycling, basketball, football, badminton, tennis, fitness, treadmill, yoga and dancing

Supports Android 4.4 and above or iOS 7.1 and above; Bluetooth 4.0 compatible

Our coders are busy tuning caffeine and pizza into a mobile-friendly Tomoson by 1/1/2017

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