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Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mat Set With Food Icons | Self - Healing and Scratch Resistant Cutting Board Set | Dishwasher Safe BPA-FREE Cutting Mats (Set Of 4 Color Coded) by Zone - 365

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Set of 4 Flexible Cutting Boards / Mats that makes Meal Prep a Breeze! With the eco-friendly self healing cutting mats / Cutting Boards by Zone - 365, your time in the kitchen will become a whole lot easier! Anti-residue and anti-penetrated layers keep the chopping board / rotary cutting mat fresh and clean by resisting the juices and flavors that seep in from foods during preparation. Likewise, state-of-the-art Fuji antibacterial properties help lock out and fight harmful germs and microbes, keeping you and your family safe and healthy! Zone - 365 Flexible Cutting Boards / circuit cutting mats are also great when dealing with hot foods. Because it withstands heat up to 110 degrees Celsius, food can go straight from the oven or pot right onto the flexible cutting mat. You'll save time and serve your dish warm! Our incredible cutting boards also resist the marks and scratches left behind by knives. The self-healing and scar resistant surface keeps your flexible cutting mat looking brand new every time you use it. At zone - 365, we're always developing new and exciting products that will make your life easier! When we set out to create our pampered chef cutting mat set, we made sure that they are durable, high quality, and dishwasher safe. This will save you time while ensuring you have a piece of kitchen equipment that's safe with all chef knifes and able to withstand just about anything. Why Choose the Zone - 365 Self Healing Flexible Cutting Mats / Cutting Boards? • Resists residue and is easy to clean. • Antibacterial technology keeps food safe to eat. • Withstands heat of up to 110 degrees Celsius. • Durable and high quality. • Dishwasher safe for a convenient clean up. Simply click the "add to cart button" to complete Your order.

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