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flip flops for men

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  • Polyester/spandex
    Synthetic sole
    【Such skid-proof flip-flops】:skid-proof flip-flops make you feel safety when you are in the bathroom.We design and develop the sole of summer beach flip-flops with non-slip materials.Compared with other similar flip-flops, our flip-flops will be more skid-proof.
    【Such summer sandals with amazing quick dry arch support thongs】:Beach sandals need to quick dry for they are used mainly for water spot. We use the super quick dry flyknit material. When you leave water, they dry in an amazing way.
    【So comfortable barefoot beach slippers】:As you wear them barefoot, you need enough comfort. Our barefoot summer slippers have the elastic space fabric with high quality flyknit material. Light flip-flops fit your feet so great without any sense of bondage for
    【Fashion sense and practicality flip-flops】:Flip-flops with fashion sense and practicality. Four colors for you to choose with super brand design. You can feel the comfort of flip-flops as well as our brand concept- Fashion sense and practicality.

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