Flowers Paint Nail Gel Polish Campaign

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Flowers Paint Nail Gel Polish

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Step 1. Clean Nails then trim nail surface as normal manicure process. 
Step 2. Fully shake up the polish, it can make the polish color be balanced. (Important) 
Step 3: Apply Base coat first, careful not to let it flow on your skin, cure with LED/UV light. 
Step 4: Apply white (or another color you like) color polish in a thin application, cure with LED /UV light. (If you like transparent effect, you can just apply dried flower gel) 
Step 5: Apply dried flower polish, cure with LED/UV light. ( Repeat it if need) 
Step 6: Apply Topcoat or No Wipe Topcoat, which make the color more shining, then cured with LED /UV light. 
Step 7: Enjoy your beautiful nails. 

How to remove: 

Step 1: Soak a cotton pad with acetone. 
Step 2: Wrap around each nail with tin foil leave for approx. 10 minutes, check if ready if not leave a few minutes more. 
Step 3: Use an orange stick or a cuticle pusher to remove softened gel. 

Please note that due to lighting effect and computer color, the actual colors may be slightly different from the pictures. 

Any problem please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to help you. 

N.B: This offer doesn't cover shipping cost.

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