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Humane Animal Live Cage,Rat Cage Trap

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Specification: Humane Rat Cage Trap Live Animal Catcher No Poison Pest Control Indoor and Outdoor Size: 275*150*120 MM Color: Silver Package Included:1 x Rat Trap Function: Ideal for trapping Samll Rodents, Mouse, Rat, Jerboa, Hamster, Chipmunk, Squirrel,Chinchilla and similar-size nuisance animals. This product has a clever design that will catch even light weight animals like small mice. It is easy to set up and safe for you, kids, other animals and to the environment. Use the handle that extends from the cage and avoid any contact with the animal. It is totally escape proof. This is a better alternative to poison. Because Pets and other animals (hawks, eagles, snakes, coyotes, wolfs, dogs, cats) may eat the poisoned rats and die from the poison too. Notes 1. Try different baits if you do not get mice caught, different baits have different attraction to mice. 2. Refresh bait every time you clear the trap, or every few days if no mice caught yet. 3. Wear gloves when handling the trap to protect your family and you away from possible virus.

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