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Folding Balance Beam (Green)

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Dimensions 9' 6" long (unfolded) 4' 9" long (folded for storage) 4" wide top working surface 6" wide base 3" tall Suede Color Options Blue Pink Purple Tan Green The Springee Extra Long and Extra Firm Foam Balance Beam is designed for kids, young children and teens to practice what they learn in class at home. To help your child's practice be most effective, their at home experience needs to mimic the gym. We designed our beam to do just that by using high density foam and synthetic suede. This combination gives them the closest feeling to a competition beam in your own home. Our number one important factor is safety--no matter if your child is practising in the living room, on a deck, or in the basement, our wide base with anti-skid texture will help keep the beam in place and prevent slipping. The Springee beam is one of the longest folding beams on the market. As children grow and become more experienced, their stride lengthens. They need a longer beam to feel confident that there will be enough room to land their moves. Our materials comply with the American Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSI) for Lead and Phthalates content.

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