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FOMI Hot Eye Mask. Microwaveable, Reusable. Lavender Scented, Migraine / Headache Relief. Reduce Eye Puffiness / Dark Circles. New Clay Bead Technology - Penetrates Soothing Moist Heat

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Imagine that you are lying in a cool, bubbling bath. Do you feel the heat soothing your pain and stress away? FoMI Care Clay Bead Eye Mask utilizes innovative technology which reduces pain associated with aches and pains. The pack is a premium quality product which penetrates wounds, reduces inflammation, decreases stress, and provides a healing path for pain management. It stays pliable during treatment while providing instant pain relief to treat fever, bruises, sprains, strains, and swelling. Recommended by Physical Therapists and Sports Trainers. So relax, heat a FoMI Clay Bead Eye Mask, close your eyes, and soak in the healing energy. Live your life. Leave the healing process to us.

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