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FOMI Neck Travel Pillow plus Removable Hot Cold Pack for Airplane, Car, or Home. Resealable Hot Cold Pack to Alleviate Neck Pain. Extra Thick Memory Foam for Premium Neck Support and Comfort.

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The FOMI Memory Foam Neck Pillow is a premium neck pillow designed to provide the most comfortable support for your neck. Made out of the highest quality memory foam and a soft cotton cover, it is super comforable and provides excellent support. It can be used alone, or with a hot/cold clay pack that can be either heated up or cooled, and inserted in a pouch in the neck pillow. The pillow enables your kneck to rest in a natural, tension-free postion. It molds to you based on your sitting positions and personal preference, helping to support your neck and head in perfect alignment. Perfect for improving quality of sleep and relaxation, and prevention or managing neck injury or pain. Great use whether you are sitting straight on an airline seat or car or resting on a recliner at home. Comes with a built-in strap that makes it easy to attach to a carry-on luggage without taking up extra space. Improve your neck posture, sleep better, relax better today! The FOMI Neck Pillow Package makes a great gift. Whether for the holidays, birthday or to reward yourself, you can't go wrong with this high quality and stylish product.

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