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FOMI Posture Corrector Lower / Upper Back Support, Shoulder Brace - Posture Belt and Shoulder Strap in One. Sturdy Aluminum Inserts. Ultra Comfort. One Size Fits Most (Up to 40 inch Waist)

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- ULTIMATE COMFORT: Made out of high quality premium fabric and elastic tailored to ensure comfort at all times.  It includes arm pit strap covers to ensure the strap doesn't dig into skin. Can be worn directly on your body or over clothing. Start by wearing the brace an hour or two a day. Then slowly increase if needed. 
- BACK SUPPORT: Corrects poor posture or shoulder slump, and prevents progressive spinal curvature or other spinal problems. The FOMI Posture Corrector belt gently pulls your shoulders back for individualized spinal correction.  The support includes metal stays for proper spinal alignment. It straightens your neck and spine, and relaxes tense muscles. This will eliminate back and neck aches and tension headaches associated with slouching shoulders.  
- HEALS YOUR BACK: Perfect for using while recovering from injuries and surgery of the thoracic and upper lumbar sections of spine and clavicle.
- ONE SIZE FITS MOST- This Posture Brace will fit anyone with up to a 40 inch waist. 

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