FOMI Vibrating Massage Pillow plus Free Bonus Extendable Back Scratcher. Campaign

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FOMI Vibrating Massage Pillow for Back, Neck, and Feet Pain Relief, Cordless. Pressure Activated plus Free Bonus Extendable Back Scratcher.

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- RELAXING AND REJUVINATING EFFECT- The FOMI massage pillow will relax you and loosen any tight body muscles you may have. It will increase blood circulation to decrease pain and pressure, leaving your body feeling refreshed and pain free. The outside of the pillow is plastic PVC and its inside is filled with natural air providing the perfect balance of support and comfort while gently massaging away any muscle pain or tension you may have.
- PRESSURE ACTIVATED- It starts vibrating as soon as you lean on it and stops when the pressure is released. Comes with an air pump to inflate the pillow to your liking. Simply stop the pump as soon as the pillow is filled with your preferred amount of air. The FOMI massage pillow produces dramatic results and doesn't require experience. You can simply put it behind or under whichever body part needs soothing at the moment, and let the pillow work its magic.
- CAN BE USED ON UPPER AND LOWER BACK, NECK, HEAD, LEGS, FEET- or any other body part.  Wherever your body feels stressed, use the FOMI massage pillow for instant calming results.  With its compact size and operated by batteries, it's a perfect travel pillow for your home, office, car, or while traveling. 2-D Batteries Required (not included)
- EASY TO CLEAN / SANITIZE-Conveniently made out of plastic, simply wipe it off with some water or cleanser for a fresh and clean product.
- FREE BONUS- Comes with a bonus extendable back scratcher to complete your relaxing experience. 

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