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Game controller DualShock Vibration Joystick

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Product Details
Wired Game controller for PS4 Controller for Sony PlayStation 4 for Dual Shock Vibration Joystick Gamepads for Play Station 4
Main Feature:
Name: Wired Gamepad For PS4 / PC
Material: ABS
Connection: USB Cable
Application for: for PS4 for Dual shock function.
Color: Black, White, Blue, Red, Gold, Silver, Gray Camouflage, Army Green Camouflage
NOTE:(very important) 1. This is a wired controller, NOT wireless, not Bluetooth function ,Please kind note before you buy!
2. The button in the middle of the handle can only be pressed and there is no touch function.
3. This wired controller for ps4, without headset sound function . These is no jack hole for the headset. So this wired gamepad can not work with the headset.
4. There is no battery inside this wired controller, so do not need to charge it. (Note: The wired version can be used without any software installation, but some functions may not be perfect, such as motor vibration, no gravity sensor .)
5 .This wired controller can be used on computers, however some functions may not work the same as on for PS4 game.
Due to high demand, please allow 3-4 weeks delivery to the US and 3-6 weeks for worldwide delivery.

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