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Garlic Press - Sensphi Garlic Press and Peeler Set , Professional Heavy Soft-Handled Crush Mincer with Silicone Tube Roller, No odors in your hands

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Enjoy Cooking All you have to do is to play several garlic cloves in the chamber and press the handle. Large Clove Chamber/Design of Teeth/Non-Slip Handle/Bonus Peeler/Good Texture Add delicious fresh minced garlic to your meals in seconds with this easy handle garlic press kit. Home made bread,rich pasta sauce, mouthwatering hummus, oven roast veggies, mashed potatoes.  Now you have delicious meal ready to go! Easy to Use: Step 1: Peel the garlic clove with the bonus peeler. Step 2: Put the garlic into the holder and squeeze. Step 3: Scrape off the minced garlic from the bottom with knife or spoon. Step 4: Rinse under the water to clean the press tool. Order Includes: 1xProfessional Garlic Press 1xClove Peeler(The color of peeler are sent randomly) Specification: Weight: 0.52lb(235g)  Measurement: 6.30x1.77x1.18in The large chamber: 1.34x0.98x0.87in Click "Add to Cart" above and start your delicious food with the Sensphi easy-to-use Garlic Press.

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