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Gel Yoga Toes,Toe Spacers Toe Straightener Overlapping Toes Relieve Bunion Pain for Sports Activities, Yoga Exercises,Running Men and Women (pack of 4)

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HUMAN ENGINEERING DESIGN: The curved design conforms to the physiological structure of the foot. Avoid extrusion, promote blood circulation. Designed to provide pain relief from bunions and overlapping toes without surgery Soft yet durable gel toe separator gently realigns your big toe, allowing you to stand or walk for longer in comfort. Directions: - For the first time, you may feel a little uncomfortable, We suggest to wear for 15-20 minutes, then increase by 5 minutes per session until you can comfortably wear them. Allow your feet enough time to adapt them. - While wearing gel toe stretcher in shoes, please with casual shoes, sneakers or other shoes with a little larger box. One size stretches to fit most feet. - If the toe separators slide or fall while wearing at night to sleep, please put on socks. - Personal products, please do not to cross using. - Hand wash with warm water and soap, then air dry. We recommend applying some baby powder on the gel part when it sticky. Package Included: - 5 loops gel toe stretcher:1 pair - 1 loop bunion corrector:1 pair Weight: 45g

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