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Gift Pen Set for Ladies & Men. Featuring Swarvoski Crystals and Lightweight Carbon Fiber. Included Luxury Gift Box, 2 Ink Cartridges, and Protective Pouch. Fine Writing Pens by Zone - 365

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Professional Ballpoint Ink Pens: There are so many ballpoint pens these days, it's difficult to find the perfect fit. If there's one thing that lovers of all things handwritten and cursive will enjoy about the Carbon Fiber Crystal Ballpoint Pen, it's that their hands won't have to suffer from cramps while using it. There is also an assurance that the pen won't break no matter how many times you accidentally drop it because of its carbon fiber body. With a sophisticated look and a classy finish, this pen will inspire you to stop tapping letters on the keyboard and start writing handwritten notes with this beautiful Pen. Shine Bright As You Write: This beautiful ballpoint ink pen comes in an elegant black carbon fiber body with some Swarovski crystal accents. The ink pen glimmers and shines when used under good lighting conditions, and the reflection of the light on the crystals create a mini dance floor as your write across the paper. The Beautiful Case Seals the Deal What makes the Carbon Fiber Crystal Ballpoint Pen worth keeping, is the fact that it comes with an elegant holder that serves as its protection from scratches caused by accidental drops. Gel pens in case tend to last longer since they are given extra protection. What Are You Waiting For? Order Now!

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