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  • 500,000 or more    
  • Only females    
  • United States    

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Glitterati Nail Polish Strips

Campaign ID: C111717
Categories: Beauty , Spas / Salons / Massages
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Product Details
Glitterati is a brand for the woman who is any or all of these things:
-Pressed for time
-Travels a lot
-gets manicures 
-loves to change her nail polish frequently to match her outfits
-hates the mess with nail polish

Glitterati is "10 Free" meaning it is free of the chemicals considered the worst in nail polish:
-Formaldehyde Resin
-Ethyl Tosylamide
-Triphenyl Phosphate 

We are by practice, vegan in nature- but do not carry the certifications to make that claim.  We do no animal testing.

As we grow, we will be releasing limited edition prints for various seasons and holidays.

These products are REAL nail polish strips. (these are NOT like Jamberry which is plastic or vinyl) They need no drying time (but we recommend being gentle until they set) no heat to set, and last up to 14 days (depending on how rough you are with your hands)  We do recommend a layer of clear top coat to make them last and last.

Just peel, position, smooth, and trim excess.  So easy, so fast, and so fun!


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