Glow in the Dark Planets and Stars for Kids: 122 Self Adhesive Glowing Star and 8 Planet Decals Campaign

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Glow in the Dark Planets and Stars for Kids: 122 Self Adhesive Glowing Star and 8 Planet Decals for Children’s Bedrooms I Glow In The Dark Constellation Ceiling Wall Stickers I 3D Glowing Sti...

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Help Spark Imagination and Creativity Who wouldn’t want to live up in outer space? If you’re a little kid, it would probably be a dream come true. Plus, the presence of these glow in the dark star lights can trigger and spark an impressionable kid’s imagination. Every minute we have with our kids is a chance to teach them something new; to explain how the world works. Whether you follow the directions on our and emulate actual star constellations, or you just use these glowing, easy-application stars for fun designs, you’re child’s brain will constantly be stimulated and soaking up sensory information. The product is easy to apply but also heavy duty and long lasting, so you don’t need to concern yourself with them falling or chipping off. You won’t find a better glow in the dark stars set than this. Not Just For Kids When you think about glow in the dark wallpaper stars, more than likely it brings back a sense of nostalgia as you or at least one of your friends or siblings probably had them in their room. Why not bring them to the adult bedroom or maybe just make the outside patio come aglow with beautiful, unique light while you’re enjoying after dinner drinks? There are so many fun and interesting ways you can use these premium, glowing stickers, the sky’s the limit (pun intended). What Your Purchase Comes With and Recommended Application Each package comes with planets and 3 different size stars Each package comes with 8 planets and 122 starsYou can use a black light or regular light bulb for chargingRecommended Star Quantity for Room Size 0 to 100 sq ft = 8 Planets0 to 100 sq ft. = 700 Stars100 to 200 sq ft = 1400 Stars300 to 500 sq ft = 2100 Stars 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guaranteed If you (or maybe your toddler) isn’t completely impressed with these ceiling stickers for kids playrooms, feel free to return them with a money back guarantee

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