Goodaire P1 Air Freshener and Mosquito Repellent

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Goodaire P1 Air Freshener and Mosquito Repellent

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Color:Apple Green The Atomizer P1 provides complete outdoor repellence against mosquitoes. Featuring 3 different spray modes, it creates a mosquito-free zone within minutes through a fragrant mix of essential oils and water. It can be used outdoor, at camp sites, in classrooms, hospitals, cars, during fishing and anywhere you can think of and it is easily rechargeable and portable and has no side effects. The best part of our products is that they are all made from natural ingredients. We draw on nature’s best resources – water and essential oils – to resolve the growing threats of mosquito and mosquito-related diseases as well as polluted air.The P1 which is the portable pocket sized atomizer is your on-the-go defence against mosquitoes and airborne bacteria. It creates a mosquito-free zone within minutes as water mixed with essential oils from our patented nanovent cartridges is released as a fine and powerful mist into the air. These droplets repel and knock down mosquitoes in the vicinity, forming an invisible shield around you and your family. Each set comes with 2 MozDefender water cartridges. Each water cartridge allows for 20 refills of water, and each refill lasts about 4-5 hours. Now you can enjoy the great outdoors with complete peace of mind. It is rechargeable with micro USB, suitable for camping, hiking, travelling, in cars, family time outside and many more indoor and outdoor activities.Benefits: Mosquito defence on-the-go Rechargeable via micro-USB Multiple refills with tap water Suitable for camping, hiking, traveling, and cars White light for night use Included: 1 - Goodaire P1 Automizer Mosquito Repellent 2 - R1 Mozdefender Refillable Water Cartridges 1 - Magnetic Holder 1 - USB Charging Cable 1 - Phone Sticker Patch 1 - Wall Sticker Patch

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