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Do you have a website that is struggling to gain traction? Do you have no idea how to monetize your business or get more subscriber? This book could be the answer you're looking for... The emergence of Web and Mobile technologies have revolutionalized the way businesses are conducted. Those enterprises that have leveraged these technologies have made tremendous exponential growth. Google, Facebook, Uber, Dropbox, Twitter, Amazon, are just but a few examples of those enterprises that leveraged these technologies to reap big rewards. This book is about sharing with you innovative marketing tactics to grow faster and smarter. The book does not assume your level of knowledge and understanding of what Growth Hacking is all about. Thus, it starts with a beginner’s approach by introducing you to what growth hacking is all about and builds upon this foundation to guide you into a more detailed perspectives. Knowledge without application is redundant. This book gives you practical hands-on techniques on how you should apply growth hacking to achieve great success. These techniques touch on all stages of your brand’s funnel right from customer acquisition, customer activation, customer retention, revenue generation and referral. It further provides you with growth hacking strategy that you can employ using these techniques to grow faster and smarter. Like any business enterprise, having the right people to run it is paramount. Growth hacking is not an exception. Yet, building a team for growth hacking require a uniquely different approach than what we are accustomed to in the traditional approach. This book not only presents you with different proven models of growth team but also helps you to identify the right hackers for your team. In this regard, it provides you with tips and qualities to look for in a hacker and the key competencies required. Growth, like a vehicle moving on a highway, requires levers (Gears) to be able to move on (be they manual or automatic). The most critical elements of growth are its levers. Failure to identify levers simply means uncertain growth. This book helps you to identify critical levers for your brand and the relevant drivers that can propel it so that you can have a more predictable growth. Attracting customers is a critical component of growth hacking. Yet, without a great first impression, this comes to naught. From this book, you will be able to learn the best ways to attract customers through a great first impression, appropriate acquisition hacks and right engagement. Follow-ups are great. Yet inappropriate follow-ups can turn-off your existing and potential customers. You will also learn follow-up hacks that can bring forth a great impact on your targets for greater growth. Customer retention is the most prized treasure of any marketing endeavor. Without it, you lose your customers faster than a leaking tank loses water. Through this book, you will learn customer retention hacks that help to protect your growth reservoir. Finally, you are running a business. You need to make money. This book provides you with proven monetization hacks that you can employ to guarantee you exponential income growth that not only rewards you for your smart innovation but also assures your business future.

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