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Habit Stacking EBook

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Do you feel like you never achieve your goals because you always fall back into the same pattern of bad habits? This book could be the answer you're looking for... This book is a daily companion that enables you to easily and practically apply a good set of habits in small, yet powerful doses into your routine. This is so you can overcome procrastination and eventually double your output. The book starts off by helping you lay the foundation of your habit stacks. In this regard, it employs a beginners’ approach by synthesizing for you what habit stacking entails. With this foundation, it goes further by proposing to you great habits that you should implement and the order in which you ought to implement them. Lack of a practical hands-on approach is what dissuades many from overcoming bad habits and entrenching good habits into their own daily lives. This book provides you with practical hands-on step-by-step instructions on how to create a simple, memorable yet powerful habit stack that would not only keep procrastination at bay but also optimize your productivity in all areas of your life. Having provided you with crisp-clear knowledge of habit stacking and highly effective step-by-step instructions on how to create simple yet powerful habit stacks, the books navigates you to greater depths into the core domains of your life – home, health, relationships, finances and business. It helps you create a blueprint stack for each of these core domains. A blueprint that you can easily expand and customize to suit your very own unique individual needs.

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