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Head Shaping Baby Memory Foam Pillow with Extra-Soft Organic Pillowcase | Anti-Flat Head Cushion for Newborn | Antibacterial & Hypoallergenic Cover | Unisex Flathead Pillows for Infant Boy or G...

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MAKE YOUR BABY'S SLUMBER A SAFE AND COMFY AFFAIR Thoughtfulness in Design It's the little details that separate an average newborn pillow from a truly impressive one: the quality of the memory foam, the shape of the cushion, the size of it all. We've fine-tuned these little details to create an infant pillow that is effective at preventing flat head syndrome and keeping it from getting worse. Combining authentic memory foam sourced from reputed suppliers, an ergonomic design that supports without restricting, and a thoughtful size that your baby won't quickly outgrow, our newborn nursery pillow takes all the worry out of your sleeping little one. Comfort Meets Hassle-Free Maintenance Keep your little one smiling as they snooze with the included organic pillowcase. Super-soft and non-irritating, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, it's the perfect complement to your sensitive newborn. And great at keeping the memory foam pillow clean! The pillow cover conveniently cleans with a quick hand-wash without losing any of that softness. Here's what separates our newborn flathead pillow from the rest: - Made using premium memory foam. - Comes with an extra-soft pillow case for added comfort. - Unique designs support the head and neck without restricting movement. - The beautiful unisex design makes it great for both boys and girls. - Slightly raises your baby's head to relieve reflux and congestion. - Can be placed in strollers, cribs, rockers, or used for travel & camping. - Thoughtfully-sized to suit newborns to 6-month old babies. Prevent flat head while heaping on the comfort with a head-shaping pillow backed by a risk-free lifetime guarantee!

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