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Healthy Snack Box - GREAT Kids Snack Box

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Let us make healthy snacking convenient and fun for your family. Discover and enjoy 30 different orgnaic and all natural snacks delivered to your door each month! 
Children can build strong minds and healthy bodies when they grab a healthy Snack-A-Day. Sign up for our convenient monthly delivery of the GREAT Kids Snack Box. Your subscription includes:   
  • 30 different individually-wrapped snacks
    Kid-tested tasty nutrition
    Nutritionist-approved ingredients
    On-the-go convenient packages
    Nutrition for mental alertness
    Healthy energy for physical activity
    FREE Shipping!
With the monthly delivery of a GREAT Kids Snack Box, busy parents will have a convenient way to provide their children with a healthy snack each day. Keep kids happy & healthy with the fun and excitement of being able to grab a healthy, organic and all-natural Snack-A-Day.

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