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Heated Eye mask - Electric Heating Pad Eye Mask Far-Infrared Therapy Adjustable Temperature Graphene Sleeping USB Heated Eye Mask Sleep Mask for Dry Puffy Eyes, Dark Circle Eye Treatment

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Reward Your Eyes a Relaxing SPA This heating eye mask can block out day light and street light and help you relax and fall asleep quickly. The strap can be stretched easily and the temperature can be adjusted to your most comfortable level. It is super helpful to relieve the fatigue of your eyes after working in front of computer screens or driving for a long time. This sleep mask can improve your sleep quality effectively and provides you a peaceful and wonderful sleep. Your Daily Life and Travel Companion Simple design and light material makes this eye mask easy to carry so that you can enjoy an eye SPA anytime and anywhere. It can be connected to the port of computer, power bank, USB adapter, cars and so on. This eye mask would be your sleep aid during traveling and provide you high quality of relax. It is a superb travel and daily life companion. Safe Material Safe Technology This eye mask uses graphene, a high-tech new material, as its heating element. The advantages of this material are light, safe, stable performance and long service life. Wavelength of the far-infrared radiation generated by the graphene heating film is similar to the wavelength of human body. This attribute can promote blood circulation and increase cell regeneration and therefore lead to better health. In addition, this heating eye mask is set to work for one hour each time and then power off automatically. Therefore, it is safe to wear as a sleep mask. Low required voltage for working is another safety factor of this product. Key Effects of Far-infrared Physical Therapy: Vitalizes bio-molecular activation Analgesic effect Strengthens immunity function Regulates autonomic nervous system Skincare and beauty Anti-inflammatory effect

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